Saturday, August 18, 2012

NEWS | Praful Patel & Co, sunk Air-India: ex-chief Indian Air

Since whistleblowing seems to be the emerging trend in Indian politics, the latest instance has former Indian Air Chief, Sunil Arora laying allegations on senior Congress minister, Praful Patel that he and his friends were directly responsible for Air India's failure as a whole. He wrote to the then cabinet secretary, BK Chaturvedi saying that he and his staff were made to take decisions, which would affect the state run Airliner rather adversely, specially with regards to commercial aspects.

As per Times of India, on May 28, 2005, Arora had listed in letter, the decisions on which the board was overruled include, purchasing more aircrafts than required, stopping IA to fly on viable routes to make way for other operators and, even 'changing the seating configurations' to suit the needs of a particular aircraft manufacturer.


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