Saturday, August 11, 2012

NEWS | Vijay Mallya warns striking staff he’ll stop funding Kingfisher Airlines

Crisis-ridden Kingfisher chief Vijay Mallya on Thursday issued a veiled threat to shut down the airline because of employees — who have not been paid since March and some since February — going on strike every now and then. The tone of the letter has not gone down well with the unpaid employees and they are planning some steps to somehow get the government's attention to their plight, something which may put a further question mark on the airline's ability to maintain its schedule.

"Why should I spend everyday to keep our airline afloat if the actions of our own colleagues lead to loss of guest confidence and lower income by cancellation of flights or low load factors that result from uncertainty? What is the confidence that I can give to investors who I am in dialogue with?" the letter says, adding, "If some colleagues feel that I will be pressurized by flight cancellations, they are wrong. Instead, I will stop my own support as a few are effectively holding the entire company to ransom."



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