Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NEWS | Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes to visit India this month

Tony Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Air Asia, largest low cost carrier in South East Asia, is expected to visit India by the end of this month; just weeks after 49 per cent Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) approval in aviation sector.
In an email reply, Fernandes said, “Will be in India at the end of the month and will try to meet all of the press.”

Notably, shortly after cabinet approved FDI, he tweeted, “Fantastic news that India has opened up investment to foreign airlines. With Malaysia opening up this is fantastic news for airlines like Air Asia. Great that Indian government has put people first.”
However, according to Reuters, Fernandes, while addressing Singapore press, said he had no immediate plans to enter the market because he thought the aviation fuel tax and airport charges were still too high.
This time, Fernandes seems to be taking cautious moves after fizzing out of all excitement shown by Air Asia when they entered the Indian market in 2010. Seldom had any airline expanded at such a speed then.



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