Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NEWS | Air India hit by a new crisis as ICPA serves legal notice on Air India management

The management of Air India and the Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA), part of the erstwhile Indian, were headed for a confrontation as the ICPA served a legal notice on Air India for changing their flying duty hours in an arbitrary manner.

This comes after a 58-day strike by the Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) about two months ago which impacted the international operations of Air India. In their notice to the Air India management, the ICPA pointed out that Flight Duty Time Limitation (FDTL) was an integral part of the service conditions of pilots as it clearly states the number of hours a pilots is supposed to fly in a fixed time period.
The notice states that starting with the settlement entered in 1993 the terms of the FDTL applicable to ICPA have been revised regularly first in 2001 and again in 2006.



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