Sunday, September 9, 2012

NEWS | Air Kerala viable in Gulf route’

Thiruvananthapuram: Aviation experts have strongly backed the Air Kerala concept, saying a low-cost airline in the lucrative Gulf sector is realistic.
While former director general of civil aviation E K Bharath Bhushan said it had “tremendous potential”, former Air India chairman and managing director V. Thulasidas said a low-cost airline catering to NRKs in the Gulf was “feasible and viable”.

Both said Gulf routes were highly profitable. Mr Bharath Bhushan said that most of the airline companies, including Air India, were struggling to recoup even their fuel cost from all other routes, except Kerala.
“This is the reason why foreign airlines like Emirates are crowding to get a portion of the Kerala route. The realization per passenger in the Kerala route is substantially more than on any other route.
This is also the reason why there is so much exploitation in this sector,” Mr Bharath Bhushan said.
“All Gulf routes are profitable for most of the year,” Mr Thulasidas said.


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