Thursday, September 13, 2012

NEWS | All 27 Dreamliners to be delivered by 2016

Air India is expecting all 27 dreamliners to be delivered by 2016. With the first Boeing -787 already having arrived in Delhi, Air India is going to get 5 more B-787s in the current year up to December, 2012.

According to Ajit Singh, civil aviation minister, “The first commercial flight from Dreamliner will be from September 19. It will be to Chennai and Bangalore. Only 6 to 7 airports in India are compatible to Dreamliner. After two to three months, it will fly on international routes.” B-787 will commence flying to Europe and Australia.
Singh also said, “Though Dhramdhikari report expects that Air India would be in a cash surplus by 8 years yet the efforts are on so that it happens earlier.”
Despite a decrease in capacity of over 17 per cent due to strike by a section of pilots, Air India posted revenue of Rs 4,757 crore during April-August, 2012. This is an increase of 6.5 per cent over corresponding period of 2011. The net losses of Air India have also come down by Rs 557 crore. In the first quarter, it has a net loss of Rs 1,733 crore. The passenger load factors (PLF) also increased to 71 per cent in the first quarter.


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