Saturday, September 29, 2012

NEWS | Govt mulls airport slot auctions in new air policy

Airlines flying to Indian airports could face an auction for peak-time landing slots in a shake-up of aviation policy under the government's economic reform drive.
Authorities are also in talks with suppliers to cut taxes on aircraft fuel, a move that would help local carriers which posted losses of $2.5 billion last year as they grappled with high airport charges and below-cost fares. 
Debt-strapped Kingfisher Airlines , once India's No. 2 airline, is operating only a quarter of its fleet while national carrier Air India is reliant on a $5.8 billion taxpayer bailout to stay in the air.

Earlier this month, India announced major reforms designed to revive economic growth and avoid a ratings downgrade.
"The policies that are now in place were made several years back. Things have changed now. We need to adapt to the changing times," civil aviation minister Ajit Singh told reporters on Friday.


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