Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NEWS | Minister directs Air India to follow flight duty timing limit

In a move that will mean that Air India pilots sweat as much as their peers, the minster of civil aviation Ajit Singh has directed Air India that it must implement the guidelines laid down for other airlines by the Indian civil aviation regulator immediately so that the productivity of the pilots is realized optimally for the airline. 

These guidelines fall under the civil aviation requirement or CAR and the airlines regulate the pilot rostering based on this giving adequate rest to pilots in between flight schedules. 

The minster had to intervene in Air India's FDTL after he ordered a comparative study with the work hours put in by Air India pilots and other private airlines. "The analysis found that except for one parameter out of six FDTL parameters which is "rest period", all other parameters followed by Air India for its pilots and crew members are on the lower side," a ministry release said. 

The FDTL is prepared by the directorate general of general aviation based on the optimal daily flying hours of a pilot, limitation of flying time on weekly, hourly, monthly and annual limitation of flying hours, rest periods and number of landings and take offs and other such parameters. 

The decision taken by the minister is also in line with the DharmadhikariCommittee Report on Air India which had strongly recommended that the pilots have to abide by their licensing conditions and also aviation rules in the matter of actual flying hours and the lay-off period particularly with reference to mandatory Flight Duty Time Limitations (FDTL) and Flying Time Limitation ( FTL) regulations, the ministry said. 


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