Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NEWS | Gatwick North still a high flyer for British Airways after 25 years

Twenty five years ago this week Queen gave the royal seal of approval by officially opening British Airways’ home at Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal.
The vast £200m smoked-glass building heralded a new age in flying, which was the most modern and spacious terminal in the world when it was unveiled.

A futuristic rapid transfer shuttle whisked customers to sleek new check-in areas, with 84 check-in stations in six zones, able to handle nine million passengers a year.
Over 100 million British Airways customers have passed through the terminal, which now serves a number of airlines, flying to scores of destinations around the world.
The first operational flight to depart was the British Airways BA532 service to Naples, on March 22, 1988, which cost approximately £287 return on a promotional fare, compared to today’s fares of £101 with checked baggage, and £77 for hand baggage only, including all taxes, fees and charges.


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