Monday, April 22, 2013

NEWS | Catering vehicle catches fire, triggers panic at Chennai airport

 A catering vehicle, which was loading food on a Chennai-Hyderabad Air India flight, caught fire and caused a flutter at the city airport late on Saturday evening. Nobody was inhured in the accident.
The incident took place at 5.15pm when the aircraft, which had arrived from Male, was being readied for its departure to Hyderabad at bay 29. The vehicle belonging to a flight kitchen had completed loading food through the front door of the aircraft and was proceeding to the rear of the plane when smoke started coming from its engine.
A fire alarm was triggered and airport fire service was informed. Two crash tenders at the airport rushed to the spot and put out the fire.
The incident brought ground handling operations to a halt for a few minutes. Sources said that staff of the flight kitchen used handheld fire extinguishers and put out the fire before crash tenders reached. Fire personnel said thick smoke billowing from the vehicle.



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