Monday, May 27, 2013

NEWS | Jet Airways cuts corners on security

A severe security staff shortage has led Jet Airways to bypass some mandatory security procedures for aircraft departures at the airport, reveal documents. For instance, in an internal communication in April, a Jet official flagged "acute shortage of staff in peak time," especially at night.

The email (copy with TOI), talks of an instance in April when staff shortage forced the airline to board passengers on a Mumbai-Brussels-Newark flight (9W-228) without frisking them. Frisking is part of the 'secondary ladder point check' that is mandatory for all flights to the US originating from the city, as directed by the US security regulator, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
The communication says that there were no security staff members manning the aircraft holds, the area under the aircraft from where bags and cargo are loaded. It also says security staffers were not posted in the baggage make-up area, from where checked-in bags are sorted and sent to flights.


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