Thursday, June 13, 2013

NEWS | Drunk NRI delays Delhi flight by 45 mins

A drunk US citizen of Indian origin delayed a Delhi-bound flight for 45 minutes before he was offloaded by security personnel at Mumbai's domestic airport on Tuesday morning. The most surprising aspect of this episode was how a confused airport police dealt with him. Instead of treating him sternly they indulged him generously, giving in to his demands for frequent tea and smoke breaks. 

Forty nine-year old Rupinder Singh Virk was an inebriated state when he boarded Mumbai-Delhi Indigo flight 6E-172 on Tuesday morning. The crew, while performing their routine safety drill realised that Virk who was in a window seat near the emergency exit, was not paying attention. When they requested him to follow the instructions carefully he outright refused to do so. 

"He refused to listen to the crew member and shouted at her badly saying he was asleep. He said he had paid for the seat and was not bound to listen to the safety instructions that he referred to as crap,"said a passenger on board the same flight. "Because of the drama that followed, the flight departed about 45 minutes late." 

The crew soon realised that Virk was drunk and that allowing him a seat near the emergency window could be dangerous. They requested him to shift to another seat. Virk initially agreed but later refused to move. The airline in a statement said: "Passenger, Rupinder Singh Virk was offloaded from flight 6E-172 from Mumbai to Delhi as he was under the influence of alcohol and not fit to sit in the emergency row. He started misbehaving with the crew upon boarding the flight and started abusing the captain & the crew when asked to change his seat. He refused to de-board the flight and hence, the Captain had to request the security staff to offload the passenger, along with his baggage. He started misbehaving with the security staff as well while being offloaded. He was taken to the local airport police station where in the statement of the crew was taken and an FIR was filed." 

Security officials at the airport also confirmed that Virk was in an inebriated state and had misbehaved with the airline's crew and passengers. 


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